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About us

Compania was founded on September 30, 1998. Our focus has always been on documentary and history, but due to demand, practical books, school aids and other strands have been gradually added to the project.
Our documentary output - memoirs, diaries, investigations, letters and interviews - is modern in format with special emphasis on censored, forgotten or ignored texts. The catalogue is built on original books and translations, comprising comprehensive analysis, essays and specialist studies in history, economics, health, the arts, and other disciplines.
Reliable information, clear communication and quality graphic design are the hallmarks of this compact publishing house. We prefer craftsmanship to industry yet aim for a general readership. In other words, we strive to provide the best books for the largest number of people.
Our modern Romanian literature is published in a special series, contemporani – a rigorous selection of memorable documentary writings. This series provides crucial insight on local life for readers present and future. Other titles on our list include thousands of pages of text and image offering unique and fresh perspectives on life in Bucharest, old and new.
Over the years, Compania has restored keen public interest in exceptional literary and documentary works by Marthe Bibesco, Helen Vacaresco, Panait Istrati and the inimitable Mircea Vulcanescu.
Our interest in national cultural values is reflected in several anthologies of the best in Romanian poetry, grouped by theme. Other comprehensive volumes, mostly illustrated, cover a wealth of subjects dear to the Romanian heart, the authentic treasure of our collective soul.
Comprehensive Romanian textbooks for foreign students are available (with translations in English, German, French and Italian). Aware of this growing international interest in Eastern Europe, we also publish texts by new foreign writers, whose perceptive accounts of modern Romania appear in our series
For our youngest readers, the Junior section offers children’s books and school aids. Subjects include first steps in music, training and revision, exercises in mathematics, language study (French and English included) and expert advice for parents and teachers working with children, aged 3 to 8. 

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