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vineri 19 iul. 2013

by Cornel Nistorescu

It has been about a year since we republished in cotidianul.ro an interview with the famous American expert, political scientist and strategist. A publication of the Romanian immigration in Italy (where Luttwak studied and is now frequently published) was interviewing Edward Nicolae Luttwak on Romania. The well-known expert in military strategy and international politics spoke in extremely flattering terms about his native country, Romania, where he was and still is an unknown figure. Even those who have gone through some of his studies do not know much about his family and his Romanian origins. Edward Luttwak was born in Arad in 1942 and studied in Italy and in England; after 1972 he taught at American universities (Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, in particular). Unfortunately for the Romanian book world, Edward Luttwak, a leading authority in America and in many countries of the world, has not published any book in his country of origin. Only now, when the Compania publishing house is translating Coup d’Etat: a Practical Handbook, and by doing so is launching one of the most famous books of Edward Luttwak, does he begin to have the place he deserves in the bookstores and libraries of his country of origin. Same goes for the press. As soon as he was sought for publication of his articles on the website of cotidianul.ro, Edward Luttwak answered affirmatively. This agreement allows us to present a series of studies and articles, some recently published in Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, Journal of Strategic Studies or Geopolitique. So, from now on, once the studies or articles by Professor Luttwak will be issued in the foreign press, they will be translated and hosted by cotidianul.ro.

Given the scarcity of serious views on the international political phenomenon, publishing Edward Luttwak in Romanian on a routine basis will help the avid reader to understand the complex resorts of the contemporary world. What impact will have the publishing of his famous book Coup d’Etat: a Practical Guide by Compania is hard to say. One of the greatest military strategists and historians of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire will become part of the intellectual landscape of his native country. At least for those looking for a different kind of information and understanding of things, a different perspective on the contemporary world and politico-strategic analyses that are used by the governments of the great powers of the world will be an unsuspected gain.

English version
by Marguerite Romosan

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